The Domain Name System is really a must for any TCIP/IP network. It is a key component of the network. That is why it is the first service we will configure.

Here we will be using Bind, ISC's DNS server. Bind has a master/slave configuration, where the master gets the DNS changes and then updates the slave. It cannot run truly redundant, in the sense that only the master is allowed to get DNS changes, if the master is down, the slave cannot be updated.

In this setup we use the following IP-addresses for the master and slave:

Configure the master, then the slave.


Zone Changes

Once both servers are configured, it is vital to stop making changes to the zone files by hand. From now on manual DNS updates has to be made with the nsupdate utility using the update key. If you try to edit the zone files manually, you may be screwing up your DNS.

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